Health Canada’s $3 million dollar multi-year investment aims to reach 500,000 youth. Springboard, in partnership with MADD Canada and a cross section of youth and young adult serving community agencies is launching Weed Out the Risk (WOTR), an evidence informed, digital based, multimedia public education program on the road safety and public health risks of driving while under the influence of cannabis, or being a passenger in a vehicle of an impaired driver. Following Health Canada’s Weed Out the Risk’s $3 million, multi-year investment announcement on October 10, 2018, Springboard and its partners will deliver WOTR to over 500,000 youth and young adults in high schools and youth serving organizations across Canada over the next three years. Numerous research studies and recent public opinion surveys with a variety of stakeholders including parents and public safety officials strongly support the importance of not driving under the influence of cannabis as the top public education priority especially for youth. Weed Out the Risk will make a real difference in reducing risks and helping save lives as Canada moves forward with the legalization of cannabis for recreational use on October 17, 2018.

Marg Stanowski Executive Director Springboard: « As we move closer to recreational cannabis legalization in Canada, it is vital that more public education and awareness happen. Springboard looks forward to providing evidence informed, youth approved programming on the issue. »

The Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health: « The Government of Canada is proud to support the Weed Out the Risk program, which will help to educate youth about the risks of driving under the influence of cannabis. Working with organizations like Operation Springboard enables us to reach young Canadians with information that will help them make informed decisions about cannabis. »

Andrew Murie, Chief Executive Officer MADD Canada: « We know education is one of the most effective ways to change patterns associated with risky behaviour and we are excited to partner with Springboard on the national delivery of Weed Out the Risk to young people across Canada. »

Mark Saunders, Chief of Toronto Police Service: « The Toronto Police Service shares the concern that youth may not fully understand the risks of driving after using cannabis, or being a passenger in a vehicle in which the driver used the drug. We support Springboard’s public education efforts to better inform youth, in an effort to prevent impaired driving incidents and keep our roads safe for all users »

Robert Mann, Senior Scientist CAMH: « We provide our strongest support to Weed Out the Risk. This well-designed program addresses very serious and important issues among today’s youth in ways that hold the most promise for positive impact. »